When I was in HK I received a call from Manila from GMA 7 and said that they would like feature me and my style of photography. That was a wednesday. I was coming back to Manila on Thursday midnight and the shoot was early morning of Friday and the show would be aired on Saturday! :D Talk about a photo finish! By God’s grace everything just fell into place. Dic and Jean was able to free up their morning to do a remake of their prenup. (thanks so much guys!:D) Feliz and Tiff prepared the outfit they wore during the prenup complete with props which was like a heave dose of dejavu! :D

It feels so awkward to be in front of the camera this time around… and whew it turned out ok! :D For those who missed it, here it is again. And some behind the scenes photos! :D

bts 2








Till the next tv appearance.. haha! :D

Thanks once again for all the love and support I received in FB! :D

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  1. Niceee. :) Til your next TV appearance indeed! :P

    Peggy | Jul 26, 2010 | Reply

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