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Ceremony.. D DAY! We were praying for good weather because we didn’t have a back up plan if it rained! We held it at the west field of Manila Polo Club and it was deemed the hottest day of summer! 😀 When we thought about the ceremony at the field, we wanted that everyone would be comfortable. So we stationed some snack shacks and ice cold drinks on the field, gave umbrellas and battery powered fans! 😀 We absolutely loved that our guests followed the dress code we placed in our invites and it was beautiful to see everyone dressed up on the field. 😀

Here are photos from the ceremony and some details along the way! 😀 Enjoy!


We had directional signs made which we hammered ourselves a few nights before the wedding.. yeh! 😀

Our good friend Alex Pangalangan headed the making of our giagantic 7 feet tall names that filled the gigantor field of Manila Polo Club. 😀 Transporting these letters were a challenge! But boy was it worth it!

Yummy snacks awaited our guests. We selected these ourselves for they were our favorite snacks. 😀 Having attended hundreds of weddings.. I always get hungry during ceremony time.. and have some snacks towed inside my belt bag..teehee!

Tine wanted to personalize everything from even tagging the umbrellas and the fans that we gave out!

NERDS. Can’t live without them! Yan yan too!

Some other stuff we put out on display: the white baskets filled with rice to throw during the recessional, lolipops that Tine loved, the battery powered ice cream fans came from divisoria! 😀

The resin chairs from Likha really fit the mood and feel of the ceremony set up that Teddy Manuel and team produced! Love every detail of it 😀


We wanted to our guests to come in their summer formal attire and it was awesome that they followed the suggestions and colors we set! 😀

The entourages hats were made by the very talented Tracy Dizon 😀

We were able to sneak in Coffee too to join the celebration! 😀

Hanging out with my Imagine Nation brothers! 😀 I wonder who’s next to get married..

The raiding of the snack shacks!

We had the monogram of our names printed in wood.. yes wood! Yes it’s possible! 😀

My bestman was of course no other than my mentor and friend, John Ong. 😀 He has guided me through my career and calling as a wedding photographer and groomed me as a leader.. it was an honor to have him by my side during my wedding. Thanks so much Jong! 😀

I could still remember walking down the aisle towards my parents! It was such a hazy experience!

Our siblings waiting their turn to walk down the aisle! 😀

Couldn’t see Tine much from where I was standing at the front but my what a sight it was to see her walk down the aisle.. 😀 This was the only time that I was waiting for a bride down the aisle with no camera on tow 😀

As tine was walking down the aisle, we had a custom made bridal march song sung by Doki and my brother… Man that made the tears even pour harder! Will post the song here when once the recording of it is done! 😀

By this time I knew this was certainly it! haha! 😀



We had the same sunset sky when I proposed to Tine in Punta Fuego last year. 😀


Really love this shot by Dino Lara. 😀 Thanks Dino!


Off to the reception next! 😀

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  1. pwede na model ng minute maid! Congratulations!

    angelaze | Aug 30, 2011 | Reply

  2. loved your wedding!!! Congrats jay and tine!!! You really are meant for each other!

    maritess lo | Sep 2, 2011 | Reply

  3. the concept is so cute.. 🙂

    marianne F | Nov 9, 2011 | Reply

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