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Holaahhhh!!!!! Apologies for the suuuuupppper large gap in blogging! Handling a lot of changes, like having our studio renovated and supporting my wife in her 16 weeks in being pregnant! :D Still boggles the mind that am going to be a father soon.. excited and nervous at the same time! I plan to blog about my experiences in the past 16 weeks from the husband’s point of view.. so wait for that soon! :D

For now just want to share a beautiful wedding in tagaytay! Pat and Tiff were certainly not your ordinary couple! :D With a relaxed vibe we just had so much fun covering this wedding. :D Kudo’s to my team Jc and Vince who captured ammmazzing-ness with me. :D

I still remember their wedding cake that was made of different kinds of CHEESE!! Yummyy! :D

For the full set troop over Chestknots Studio’s page:

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