About the Photographer

I am oftern asked about my style, i say it’s a blend of freshness and the joy of life, but this is just an attempt to put a label to it.

My Photography is mostly about people. Thousands of subjects have been in front of my cameras, yet I find PEOPLE to be the most interesting subjects. I am fascinated by the forever-changing landscape of emotion that can be found on the human face.

“I believe that a photo is a slice of life a tiny fraction of a second that existed at a certain place and time, and which forever after is a memory, a small piece of history in the lives of the people who were there”

I find that photography is both the same as it always was and also very different. Photography is still all about light, all about capturing the right moment, all about color or the lack of it, all about using focus and composition to direct the eye of the viewer, and all about displaying something in a unique and exciting way. none of that has changed. yet in the final analysis, I stant true to the studio’s tag line

“God makes weddings beautiful, we simply capture them”

it’s not the photographer nor the camera that is important.

it’s the WHO in the photographer’s heart that truly makes a photograph stand out.


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